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Altman, Blitstein & Wayne

We Are a Workers’ Compensation and Civil Litigation Law Firm in Encino, CA With 30+ Years of Experience

Our Expertise

Our attorneys have extensive experience in both workers’ compensation and civil litigation, including complex procedural and substantive aspects and issues. Our background in both workers’ compensation and civil litigation creates a unique synergy of knowledge resulting in the ability to analyze claims and cases in a manner that other law firms are unable to achieve. With the ability to roundtable claims and litigation utilizing the individual knowledge and expertise of our attorneys we provide our clients with guidance, analysis and recommendations that commonly result in economically favorable outcomes. Where we can effectuate an early resolution of claims, attorneys’ fees and related litigation expenses are reduced.

How We Work

Our law firm has developed a system of reporting which includes an initial comprehensive analysis of the file materials, formulating a mutually acceptable discovery plan with the client, proceeding through discovery and offering an evaluation after the initial round of discovery. Coordination of services can also be instituted should the client require assistance and recommendations in regards to all phases of workers’ compensation, subrogation and civil litigation.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to take a balanced approach to file handling. Our files are aggressively and professionally prepared for trial on the merits, but we realize that full litigation is not always the most effective approach. Where there are opportunities to settle, the firm will discuss an appropriate plan of action with the client. This critical need for effective and timely communication is a hallmark of the firm.

Quality Matters

The firm has adopted a policy that quality of work is the most critical function for an attorney. In this regard, we maintain reasonable file counts and assign files according to potential expertise. Our attorneys are responsible for their files and attend all hearings and depositions unless there is an unavoidable conflict. The firm currently employs 18 lawyers.