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Arbitration & Mediation Services

Arbitration and Mediation services on any issue involving California workers’ compensation and civil litigation, including but not limited to, insurance coverage, personal injury, contribution and subrogation.

For workers’ compensation arbitrations and mediations contact: Eric Banuelos at or by telephone at (818) 995-0080.

For civil litigation contact: Margot Nineberg at or by telephone at (818) 995-0080.

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Arbitrations can be conducted pursuant to a statutory mandate in accordance with the Labor or Civil codes, or by agreement of the parties. Arbitrations are conducted in the same manner and format as trials and include the taking into submission of evidence, including exhibits and of oral testimony of witnesses, including experts, if desired. Evidentiary rulings will be made and, in the case of civil litigation, motions in limine will be ruled upon prior to the proceeding. A final ruling, written decision or judgment will be entered.


Mediation is a process in which the parties participate voluntarily. The mediator is selected by mutual agreement of the parties. Any issue may be presented to the mediator for resolution. In regards to civil litigation, mediations can be scheduled for either 1/2 or full day time periods. Mediations can be binding or non-binding depending upon the desire and agreement of the parties.

Mark L. Kahn

Mark L. Kahn handles arbitration and mediation services. Mr. Kahn is a Retired Workers’ Compensation Judge, Presiding Judge, Associate Chief Judge and Chief Judge of the Division of Workers’ Compensation of the State of California with 35 years of experience in worker’s compensation law. He is a teacher and lecturer on workers’ compensation law, and has been involved in educational events for the California Continuing Education of the Bar, the Workers’ Compensation Section of the State Bar, the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association, the California Defense Attorneys’ Association and many other educational groups and associations within the workers’ compensation community.

Eric J. Wayne

Mr. Wayne is a partner at Altman, Blitstein & Wayne and has been a civil litigator for the past 30 years. In addition to handling over 50 jury trials, Mr. Wayne has participated in hundreds of mediations involving claims for personal injuries, arising from a variety of circumstances and subject matters, including but not limited to, automobile, bus and shuttle accidents, premises liability, construction defect, subrogation and indemnification related issues. Mr. Wayne has vast experience in the management and operation of large commercial office properties, residential complexes, landlord-tenant relationships and governmental entities. Mr. Wayne has a strong reputation for his ability to manage and resolve adversarial situations for litigants.

For arranging civil litigation mediations please contact: Eric Banuelos at or by telephone at (818) 995-0080.

For civil litigation contact: Margot Nineberg at or by telephone at (818) 995-0080.